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Pattern + Palette 2 Sourcebook por Heidi Arrizabalaga

Pattern + Palette 2 Sourcebook por Heidi Arrizabalaga epub

Descargar Pattern + Palette 2 Sourcebook por Heidi Arrizabalaga Epub y PDF

Heidi Arrizabalaga con Pattern + Palette 2 Sourcebook

Heidi Arrizabalaga (Compiled by) This hardworking reference book is the second volume in Rockport's "Pattern and Palette" series. Like the first, it is an invaluable tool for art directors, designers and students working in the fashion, product and graphic design fields, as well as anyone in the business of visual communication. With close to 1000 new patterns, "Pattern and Palette Sourcebook 2" is a desktop library of colours and patterns that address the professional's needs in working with harmonies and contrasts. Divided into six unique style sections, the book provides readers with fifteen appropriate colours for each section, which are then incorporated into twenty-five different patterns shown in six or eight colour variations each. This enables readers to see the dramatic effect colours have in design and helps them understand how to use colour effectively. The book also demonstrates ways of creating designs that are distinctly unique from one another and yet hold together in a group. Also included is an interactive CD-ROM that contains the patterns featured, where users can choose patterns, experiment with colours and print out a sample of the patterns for reference.
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  • Título: Pattern + Palette 2 Sourcebook
  • Autores: Heidi Arrizabalaga
  • Publicado: 09/05/2007
  • ISBN: 9781592533176
  • Tamaño: 39 MB
  • Nº de páginas: 208
  • Idiomas: Español
  • Valoración: ★★★★★
  • Formato : PDF, EPUB